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The Chi New Showtime Series From Lena Waithe.

The Chi is a based on a young man Alex R Hibbert (moonlight)coming of age while living in the city of Chicago co-starring cast includes, Jason Mitchell (Mudbound), Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Jacob Latimore (Collateral Beauty) was picked up by Showtime.  The Chi was created by Lena Waithe after watching gun violence in her hometown of Chicago.

Lena Waithe 1
Lena Waithe (Photo Credit: CBS)

The Chi has already been getting rave reviews after and early pilot release during the Christmas season. Take a look below,

You can catch the pilot and a new episode of The Chi airs Jan 7th 10pm on Showtime.

Mahershala Ali Dedication Post.

Everything’s perfectly fine just a little dedication post to Mahershala Ali, It’s because we needed to see this strikingly handsome man. There’s never enough of him on TV in movies am I right?..okay we’ll for now the photo’s will have to do. 2017 summer he had masses falling for his character Cotton Mouth in Marvel’s Luke Cage (Netflix) as well as the kind hearted character named Juan in Moonlight (which earned him an Oscar)  Having a summer full of Mahershala left us wanting to see more disappointingly his online sources and IMDB page states we are gonna need a lot of patience, his next release (until further notice) is scheduled for 2018…2018!?! Yep, He’s joined the cast of True Detective as Wayne Hays.  So until then lets admire (Sorry Ladies he’s married to the beautiful Amatus Sami-Karim )  this lovely man with the beautiful smile and smiling eyes. 

Don’t forget to follow Mahershala on his Instagram page if you aren’t already.  Just click below.

Mahersha Ali Instagram


Meet the SciFi Blerds: A Few of My Favorites to Follow.

Twitter is different at times but also a place to meet the most interesting people, good and bad.  Well, I would love to share the good and the Blerdy (Black and Nerdy) some of the kindest everyday people who dedicate lots of time and energy to their favorite past times. I’ll be doing this regularly I have so many but this one is for my favorite SciFi Blerds these two provide some of the best SciFi films and fun to Twitter.

First The SciFi Master

Yep, he’s a die hard.

And Twitter blerds, Nerds, Geeks..well anyone has been so lucky he decided to share his knowledge and love of SciFi . Can’t express how great it’s been being introduced to the some of the most amazing SciFi movies. All after joining in one Saturday for a live tweet. best time ever.  If you’re a SciFi movie die hard too and love Saturday night fun then no need to look further just check out the SciFi Masters hashtag  #SaturdayNightSciFi  Almost Every Saturday at 10p. What’s really cool he has polls for interactive fun.  If you love SciFi movies I recommend you check out his website and Twitter page click below and follow :

Okay next up the SciFi Short Film Guru

He’s that for a reason.


Do you love SciFi short films? Can you appreciate a great movie if their times are some time under 20 minutes? If so, you will appreciate what the  Guru brings to Twitter. You’re not only getting a post of his SciFi Shorts no he also researches, and Provide links…Yeah I know, how did we get so lucky? Well don’t wanna waste anymore of your time just in case you’re sitting with a few minutes of nothing to do.  Go ahead, you have time give him a click below please check out his Twitter page and website you can follow both below, you won’t be disappointed.


Thanks for visiting, hope you’ll find these two SciFi Twitter Blerds pages and find their films as enjoyable as I do.  More favorites to come soon. Until then happy SciFi watching:)