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Good Girls: Another Hit Show For NBC?

While scanning Twitter I came upon Good Girls starring Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman

Good Girls NBC left: Mae Whitman, middle: Christina Whitman, right: Retta  (photo credit: NBC)

from first glance it seemed interesting A quick summary: three woman fed up with life’s ills from relationships to children’s health issues, they were tired of not having enough money to meet those needs and so they decided to do something about it…yep I’m going leave you right there…don’t worry Feb 26th 10/9c you can find out the rest, but the great story line wasn’t all that’s noticeable the diverse faces. Nothing makes a show more inviting in my opinion than one that welcomes diversity, even more interested I scanned Good Girls IMDB page and nothing but beautiful diverse faces. If you want to see?  Here ya go: Good Girl Cast Not only the cast but their preview gave a feeling this show may have more than just  laughs, and laughs are great but since NBC picked a winner with their hit show “This is Us” which seems more like a family drama. If you seen the show (by the way it comes on right after ) you understand why there’s a great chance they have created another hit show in Good Girls.  An even greater thing is you will be able to make that determination soon, yes again on February 26th, so until than click the video below to watch the preview.

Yeah it looks like a winner…So, see you there Feb 26th 10/9c following This is Us?