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Spot Lighting Actress Golden Brooks

Golden Brooks

Golden Brooks must have super powers with her none stop schedules going between sets adding role after role under her credits. No complaints here shes been a favorite of mine since early 2000.  Cast as Maya Wilkes along side Tracee Ellis Ross as Joan (Ross now in “Blackish”) in Girlfriends TV series, if you’re still having trouble, does the phrase “Oh Hell No” ring a bell?  Yes, that’s her (see below.)

Tracee Ellis Ross (left) along side Golden Brooks (right) ” Girlfriends” (photo credit: CW)

Her most recent project is TNT’s mini series One Day She’ll Darken, she joins the cast as Jimmy Lee along side Chris Pine of Wonder Woman a story of a white woman given away to a black family later struggling with her identity.  To date Ms. Brooks has several projects in production scheduled releases for 2018.  The Darkest Minds  she joined as Molly Daly the mother of the main character Ruby played by Amandla Stenburg (known for Hunger Games Rue) based on a story about a 2% population of children placed in internment camps who have developed super powers after the other 98% are killed off from disease, Yellowstone TV series , Ms Brooks joins the cast as Geraldine Rainwater alongside Kevin Costner who plays a ranch owner in constant battle over his ranch sitting nearby Yellow Stone Park   He Watches Me.  The trailer can be viewed  below. (also the late Tommy Ford’s final project)

Her finished products are many but if you want to binge a few while you wait for the release of her recent projects I provided a few names along with the streaming service click below..

Blunt Talk Amazon

Almost Amazing Amazon

Hart of Dixie Netflix

The Perfect Gift Netflix

I know it’s incredible right? One more thing the kind and classy actress manages a busy schedule and finds time to interact with her many fans on social media. Yes, she must have super powers.  Hey before you start binging if you aren’t already, please follow Ms. Brooks account by quickly clicking the links below.

Twitter:  therealgolden47

Instagram therealgolden47

Golden Brooks future projects will continue to be posted here so stay tuned. Can’t wait to see what’s next:)